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WelcOME TO THE gEORGE bROWN COLLEGE self-service RECORDS & Registration REQUESTs Website 


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Students & Alumni

Students and Alumni must register or login to order, view, and share their George Brown College Secure Documents including:

  • Transcripts
  • Credentials
  • Confirmation of Enrollment

Before registering, the following students should visit this page for additional information:

  • International students requesting Proof of Enrollment 
  • Continuing Education students requesting Confirmation of Enrollment 
  • Records request prior to 1995  
  • Foreign Nursing License and Transcript requests
  • Requests where supplemental information (RESP, WES) is required 

If you have forgotten your username, please email recordsrequest@georgebrown.ca

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Student & Alumni Registration
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Employers and third parties must register or login to connect with students and alumni and securely view these documents:

  • eTranscripts
  • eCredentials
  • eConfirmation of Enrollments 

Consent to disclose is required from the student or alumni before their documents may be viewed.



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